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  • Yoga Book Reviews


    Since finishing yoga teacher training at Joy Yoga a few months ago, I’ve been soaking in all of the information we learned and letting it settle. We read so many good yoga books leading up to and going through training. Here are a few yoga book reviews from my yoga journey. The theme of these […]

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  • DIY Ladder Necklace

    diy ladder necklace

    This diy ladder necklace tutorial with quartz is a necklace you can make that you won’t be tired of wearing in like 3 weeks. You may have seen the ladder bracelet tutorial, where beads are threaded between two pieces of leather. A ladder necklace is a similar construction concept, only a little sturdier for your […]

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  • DIY Flower Lace Choker

    diy flower lace choker

    This simple DIY flower lace choker combines two of my favorite things from the nineties: daisies and chokers. I made my flower lace choker from a daisy lace I found at Joann’s Fabrics, but any kind of lace will work for this project. Shop around for the different kinds of lace at the fabric store near you. […]

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  • DIY Choker Lariat Necklace


    This choker lariat necklace style is everywhere right now. Chokers are way back. I haven’t worn a choker since middle school, really, so it feels like an exciting new wardrobe piece. They’re a great accent to all of the high neck and off shoulder styles right now. This choker diy imitates multiple wraps with crimp ribbon findings […]

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  • DIY Silver-Plated Agate Coasters

    diy agate coasters

    Looking for a silver lining? These sleek silver-plated agate coasters are so easy to DIY. Agate slices come in so many beautiful colors. This marine tone works perfectly with our dining and living room, but turquoise and natural stone tones are also a lovely choice. Chris says the silver plating makes it look like they […]

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  • August Moon Calendar

    August Moon Calendar

    Welcome, August! Per this August moon calendar, catch the new moon early in the month for a little stargazing. Most of the United States is probably preparing for fall, but here in Texas we are entering the throes of summer. They call this the “dog days” of summer, and temperatures are well into the 100s. […]